Take The Stress And Hassle Out Of Fish Tank Maintenance

Tankguard is a revolutionary new product that ensures your fish tank stays as clean and algae free as possible whilst providing a safe and healthy habitat for all your fish and marine life.

Using nanotechnology, Tankguard prevents algae from bonding with the glass meaning a simple wipe will remove any trace of algae without the need to completely empty and scrub your fish tank. Nanotechnology means Tankguard does not use any potentially toxic or dangerous chemicals to keep your fish tank algae free.

Tankguard delivers such an amazing performance through an ability to develop permanent strong but inert chemical bonds with the glass substrate. This innovative product can be applied to new fish tanks following a simple deep- clean treatment. Click here to find out more about the science behind Tankguard

practical fishkeeping

Following Tankguard ‘s launch in 2007, Practical Fishkeeping magazine put the product through its paces under the First Sight feature – read it here »

tank guard



Tankguard medium tank kit (60 litre)

Coverage approx. 1.2m2

• 1 x Tankguard  sachet
• 1 x Pre-clean sachet
• 1 x Polishing cloth

Large tank kit/retailer application kit

Coverage approx. 3m2

• 1 x 30ml Tankguard
• 1 x 30ml Tankguard Pre-clean
• 1 x Pre-clean application cloth (white)
• 1 x Tankguard application cloth (blue)
• Gloves